Allentown Fair 2009

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We took a walk up the Allentown Fair on Friday afternoon Sept. 04, 2009 . I must say I am extremely impressed.

It’s Not Your Father’s Fair of Yesterday!

Dozens of blue shirts on sweep patrols. Not a cup or cigarette butt anywhere.

I must give a truly wonderful shout of appreciation the six generations of Powers… Corky & Debbie Powers who own Powers Great American Midways out of North Carolina.

Your rides are in perfect shape. No peeling paint. Up to date with all the safety features. Generators that are quite and you can’t smell a hint of diesel fumes.

Operators that look and act first class. Canvas paintings on the side shows that have colors that look as if they were just made yesterday.

I’ve immensely enjoyed the Documentary “an insider’s view of the carnival” on their website. Please take a look at it…The link’s below… It’s a must see!

To The Lehigh County Agricultural Society… a GREAT BIG SALUTE FOR A TOP NOTCH FAIR. All in all.. you’ve made ‘The Fair’ an EVENT that Allentown can be extremely proud of hosting !

Free grounds admission 12 to 2 was an excellent option too.

A great selection of Grandstand Entertainment.

Midways were laid out well. One for the adults. One for the younger kids.

Separate food areas bunched together. The food stands, spotless. I noticed the small touches like ground drains behind the food court stands that eliminated the water from running down the walkways.

Before you kvetch about the crappy shakiness… I didn’t want to drag the regular camera along… so threw the flip cam in my pocket.

While the video is all jittery, it does give you a good sense of our walk through.

The band organ you hear comes from Allentown…
It’s the largest traveling concert band organ in United States.
It weighs 8,000lbs
500 pipes
2 accordions
Plays over 5,000 tunes

The band organ at the end of the video is his Stinson Band Organ

Check Dennis Robinson’s site Grand Master Band Organ Rentals Allentown out!


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